My work refers to all aspects of genetic data.  I give a general overview of genetic data, genetic history, and genetic test classification.

I dedicate a chapter of this thesis to the use of genetic data in the scope of curative medicine, I discuss.

  • Genetic counselling
  • The importance of the patient’s consensus
  • The various rights and laws on this subject
  • New ethical and legal problems, for example the predictive genetic test
  • The right to know or not to know the results
  • Unpatients
  • The problem of incidental findings. (This is a term which relates to a discovery of other very important information whilst testing, this information is critical to the health of the patient or the genetic relatives of the patient.  This result becomes known as a result of other genetic testing).

Another chapter talks about bio banks, in this case, I write about:

  • The applicable current legislation
  • The juridical nature of biological samples
  • The leading cases of the genetic study of populations

 There is also a chapter that discusses bio patents and genetic patients, in this chapter I also refer to bio ethical problems of embryo patents.

 I have also dedicated a chapter to the new frontiers of new technology:

  • Personalised Medicine
  • Genetic Enhancement
  • The Principles of Genetic Justice
  • Genetic Medical Records
  • Digital DNA

The book is available here (and also on amazon sites of other countries)