Dalla biopolitica alla polis genetica?

1. Gli immediati dintorni della biopolitica, ma anche oltre La Corte d’Assise d’Appello di Trieste ha concesso uno sconto della pena a carico di un omicida extracomunitario, motivando la decisione in conformità ad un’indagine cromosomica. I giudici di Trieste hanno... leggi tutto


NEW RIGHTS AND GENETIC PRIVACY: JURIDICAL AND BIOETHICAL PROFILES  My work refers to all aspects of genetic data.  I give a general overview of genetic data, genetic history, and genetic test classification. I dedicate a chapter of this thesis to the use of genetic... leggi tutto

Genetic Data Theft as a new type of Biocrime: legal and social aspects of genetic privacy

FACTS 1. It is recent the notice of a very particular theft.  It has been stolen the Sardinian DNA . The genetic code test tubes are disappeared, but it is unknown how many or when it goes back to the theft from refrigerators of Genos Park in Perdasdefogu that still... leggi tutto

The role of genetic data in personalized medicine and in a changing world: privacy and ethical problems

PL&B 29th International Conference Great Expectations 4 – 6 July 2016 St. John’s College Cambridge, UK The last week I’ve spoken at the Privacy Law and Business 29° Annual International Conference in Cambridge. It has been a great opportunity to know... leggi tutto